Chunk of Info

Chunk of info is a huge forum for learning and collecting knowledge from all over the world. Chunk of info is made for people who are interested in the world, people, Information Technologies and latest news. It gathers all of the data for the selected categories and feeds the hungry one.

Why Chunk of info?

After examining the needs of youngsters, academic enthusiasts, and researchers, our team of researchers reached the conclusion that such vast and promising web platforms could be used to represent and feed healthy information. Our subjects and titles are wide and fall into a range of subjects. Many people use the internet, but they are unable to access precise information since there is no set forum. As a result, we emerged.

How Chunk of Info?

Following the conference and numerous sessions, our team arrived at their destination and began developing a plan from the ground up. Our marketing team came up with a good and most sanitary name, “Chunk of info,” which includes a punch line like “Polish Your Brain.”

Chunk of info starts to polish the brain from 28th of March 2021 from  New Delhi, India.

You can connect us @ chunkofinfo@gmail.com or also connect us as social media Facebook. Please keep in touch