Want to be a genius? How?

Do you want to be genius? How?

Want to be a genius? How?: You are a human being and yes you are in the globe of competitive environment to be something. If you cannot stand consistently you will fail or be called by the nickname “Loser”.

So to be the winner you have to accept the hurdles and challenges of everyday life. But do you think how you can stand success?

Yes! The solo answer is being a “Genius”. And do you also know how you become genius. May be yes! But let us parcel you knowledge that nourishes your brain to be a genius.

Whether you like it or not, you have moderate Intelligent Questions (IQ). There is much you can do to increase your intelligence.

A genius is an individual who controls extraordinary brain capacity, artistic ingenuity, style subjectivity, or creativeness, usually to an extent related to new inventions or innovations in a field of study.

You think of yourself as wise. According to a YouGov poll, most people believe they are smarter than the average American. However, most of us are limited in terms of IQ, with ratios ranging from 80 to 119 points.

While this number rises during puberty and then levels off as we get older, it does not indicate that our characteristics have improved.

In Psychology Today, behavioural psychologist Bryan Roche of the National University of Ireland writes, “The fact is, intelligence can be built – and well.” “People who say IQ is for life are relating to our IQ universities, which are static, rather than our level of intellect, which is rising.”

Want to be a genius? How?

According to David Shenk, author of The Genius in Us, it is nearly impossible to determine a people’s actual shortcomings at any age; anyone with intellectual skill or, at the very least, excellence. The key is to dispel the myth that talents are born with them.

“The belief in the gifts and limitations we are born with is very mild to the psyche: The reason you are not a great opera singer is because you cannot be. That’s just the way you had the rope. Thinking of talent as a birth makes our world more comfortable, more relaxed. Free a person from the burden of waiting, “he writes in his book.

If you want wisdom beyond the ordinary American, it is simply not possible; can be accessed. Intelligence is the ability to get and use knowledge and skills, and it includes the ability to think, to solve problems, to recall information, and to create. Growing your skills – even taking your own profession – takes a lot of work to do.

While taking a class and reading a book are two ways to learn something new, here are six amazing activities that increase your brain power, make learning easier, and put you on the path to greatness:

Activate Additional Philosophies

Expanding your community and considering other people’s thoughts are two other ways to develop your knowledge. Exercise will encourage mental growth and open the mind to new possibilities. The act of exposing oneself to new information and interacting with people aids the process, notably when opposing viewpoints are held.

“Open your mind and listen to the irrational arguments you have – and try to gain insight into them,” wrote Roche.

Determine the motivation

Unusual success takes away the source of motivation, Shenk said. He writes in The Genius in All Us: “You have to look for it, you want it so you will never give up, worse still you are willing to sacrifice time, money, sleep, friendship, and even your reputation.

Motivation can be conscious or unknowable, and it can come from a variety of sources, including motivation, despair, revenge, or future regret.

Improve Your Performance

While a professor at the University of California, Irvine, Susanne Jaeggi discovers that n-back task increases fluid intelligence, which is the ability to think and solve new independent problems of past knowledge. The n-back game gives participants a clue to keeping spoken words or places on the grid, and to see where the book or grid space is repeated.

N-back training, available free of charge online, can help improve memory and problem-solving skills.

Heart Workout

Heart failure can increase your oral intelligence and improve long-term memory, according to a study by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

“The strengthening of the cardiovascular system is connected with better cognitive schools,” writes lead researcher Maria Aberg in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “But, muscle strength was not associated with technology.”


Thinking meditation can increase neuroplasticity in the brain, according to research from the University of Oregon and Texas Tech University’s Neuroimaging Institute

Participants in the five-day study were guided by guided meditation for 20 minutes a day, focusing on breathing, posture, and mental imagery. Researchers found that this behavior improved the efficiency of the white matter of their brains, improving the care and intelligence of fluids.

Participate in computer games

Playing computer games may promote neuronal growth and improve connectivity in regions of the brain essential for strategic direction, memory development, and strategic planning, despite the fact that it may seem to be a fun way to pass the time.

Researchers from the Max Planck Center for Human Development and Charité University Medicine in Berlin discovered that video games like Super Mario help children improve their motor skills.

Video games can reverse the effects of aging on the brain. In a study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, researchers found a 3-D video driving game designed to develop mental skills such as doing more and focusing on older adults. Gambling has improved their short-term memory, which in general has diminished with age.

The above advanced and researched are precious chunk of info. You must practice to the above mantras and be a successful winner. Though everybody wants the huge success but that only keep rolling in their mind. To make your virtual reality come true you must have to be a practical.

The concentrations must be in high frequency to attain such the dreams come true.

Thanks for having this chunk of info.

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