How to make your past experience improve rather than making worse

Make your past experience to improve rather than making worse

How to make your past experience improve rather than making worse: How would you describe your relationship and your thoughts? Are you critical of everything?

Do you look for signs before taking action? This is not to blame but to try to understand our thoughts better.

I used to over-analyze everything. In fact, the reason I started meditating was that I couldn’t sleep at night because of the constant mental conversation. I meditated on my entire day, which led to anxiety, worry and fear.

Do you understand this? I have met many people over the years who struggle with their thoughts. They believe that their thoughts are fixed and that they cannot change them.

The good news is, we can change our thinking by paying attention to our thoughts, instead of getting caught up in the activities of the mind. We do not have to guess at everything. The mind is not meant to process thousands of thoughts every day.

Doing so can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. It is impossible to make sense of life by thought alone because as Albert Einstein put it: “We cannot solve our problems in the same way we used when we created them.” The mind that creates our problems is not the same mind to solve them. We have to build new knowledge, where we will solve our problems.

Are you satisfied with this idea because I want you to understand that living with your thoughts does not make you happy for a long time?

How, then, do we solve our problems if we cannot do so without thinking? First of all, I’m not saying we don’t engage in thinking to understand them. Instead, we allow thoughts to take place in harmony with other forces, such as intuition. It is said that the heart is the seat of our soul and that is why we cannot rely on the imagination that will make life worth living.

To better express this idea, when we analyze the thoughts too much, who knows about the thoughts? As you read this article on the screen, you know that a word in your head is reading those words, right? But who knows these words? Is there someone else in your head?

No, understanding to see the thoughts (of witnessing) in your mind. It is when we fall into this consciousness that thoughts come and go, but what remains is pure consciousness.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your idea. The next time you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom or grab a glass of water, try to remember the pure information after you wake up.

Yet, be aware of how your mind can produce a thought such as “I’m thirsty,” which carries a series of thoughts. But if you can relax all day long, your thoughts will clear your mind. I mentioned in a recent article entitled How Mental Food Can Organize Your Thinking and Improve Your Health, how you can be separated from the negative inner talk, through a four-step process.

The basis behind this becomes the observer of our thoughts, rather than our association with them. Otherwise, we would be stuck in a rut of endless thoughts, without solving our problems.

The problem with grief is that it keeps you as a prisoner. It controls how you view the world and the people around you. It robs you of confidence and deprives you of the opportunity to experience deep intimacy with others. Anger keeps you from thinking about yourself, instead of focusing on love.

How to make your past experience improve rather than making worse

Talking about the past, holding on to it but not controlling it, putting it somewhere, is the thing that makes you sharp.

We all have a set of experiences. Few of us have seen difficult history, and few of us have seen relevant history. Still, we have to come forward. The best thing you can do is welcome here and now. It is the best way to build your future.

With the frequent occurrence of resolving other unacceptable choices and learning the hard way, I have found that sometimes in those painful situations, it is easier to admit what it is. No one can change the past, no matter how much you despise someone or something; that contempt cannot change anything.

But, your future situation may allow you to know the past. So there is something I would like to say to those from the past.

Life is too short, too short for it to outweigh the consequences. Life is good too. Introduce the inspiration that the world brings; contempt and criticism lead to secrecy.

We can understand that the past is sad but never let it go to the point of making you sad. Yet, do not let your collection of experiences carry the burden of your current life. Even if something bad happens, it is likely that it will ruin your future. But when you see that the past is worth reading, you get better.

Yet, if you happen to be grieving over your loss, no one can help you to achieve great success in your daily life. Indeed, one thing you can do to make the past a reality is to prosper.

Trying to enjoy your mistakes and use your knowledge to improve your future. Moreover, in the event that you are unable to do that, the best thing to do is to fail to remember the past and start a new one.

Finally, don’t let the mistakes people make show you see them and don’t let them burn you down. Everyone has their own demons, and everyone wants someone with evil that plays well with his own.

Your past experiences should not be the cause of your grief. You should not give that importance to your previous diet giving all the energy from you; instead, use it to grow. In line with these lines, try to use your experience to make your version better.

Have you ever felt this way, when you are tired and refreshed trying to make sense of a difficult situation, without solving it? The key to overcoming health problems lies in expressing our thoughts without investing in what they will say. Thoughts are saboteurs and it is only natural for us to think 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, according to neuroscientists.

So why try to comprehend the thoughts that are flowing through your mind? We cannot stop the flow of thoughts, like stopping breathing. All we can do is look at our thoughts and distance ourselves from the mind. The key is to learn to trust the health system because your problems and difficulties will be solved on time.

People often ask me: “Tony, how can I trust life when a family member dies of a life-threatening illness?” or “We don’t have enough money to pay the bills?”

We should try to solve these challenges with all accounts. My encouragement is to stop overreacting day and night because the solution will not come when we are stressed. I invite you to share your feeling and relax in appreciation, to bring the answers you need.

Forcing something to happen never happens; life does not work that way. But if we feed our mind with relevant thoughts, and then turn it into a universal, the answers will come at the right time. Forcing things to happen is a work of the ego that you believe you know best, and the soul chooses to work at a higher level.

This means that we have incorporated our inner leadership and a trusting life to play its part. So, are you willing to change your relationship with health? Can you try to live than before?

If we continue to do the same thing and expect different results, we hang our hat on anxiety and frustration. When we change the way about life, as Albert Einstein said, we make changes and move on to our new life. We incorporate new neural patterns into our minds, which is our default way of thinking.

If you have ever cut a piece of wood with a saw, you will have noticed permanent pain in the writing. No matter what happens to the wood, scoring goals is always visible. This happens in our minds when we change our thinking; we create new neural patterns in the brain and create a better future. We are developing software in our minds. With this understanding, I would like you to look at the difficult situation you are facing.

What are three or five ways you can overcome this challenge? When you have finished exercising, set it aside for a moment or better, put it in a box and forget about it. I know it’s going to be hard, but see if you can count on the universe to provide you with timely answers.

After all, when we get out of our heads and into our lives, we will come to a conclusion that has been shaping us for a long time.

Do you want to be genius? How?

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