How Mental Diet Helps You Reshape Your Thoughts To Live a Better Life

How A Mental Diet Helps You Reshape Your Thoughts and Live a Better Life

How Mental Diet Helps You Reshape Your Thoughts To Live a Better Life: I want to introduce you to an idea that can improve your life. I know I made a big claim, which might seem absurd at first. All I ask is that you read the article and do what I set out for at least seven days.

That’s your commitment to testing whether this idea will work. Don’t just read these words and do it in your daily life without doing anything.

After all, I ask for a seven-day commitment, with the potential to improve your health. Only you will know if this job will work for you. Can you commit and take a break from the faith? If so, read on.

I want to ask you: do you tend to engage in internal conversations with you about other people or situations throughout your day? For example, if you have an argument with your partner, roommate, co-worker, manager or someone else, do you bring that conversation back to your mind?

Do you have internal conversations about your confidence, your job, your health, finances or anything else? Here is what I have to say about myself; internal conversations we have with us about negative experiences. These conversations create our reality as we know it.

Most people want to live a meaningful life. Maybe you want to attract better relationships or improve your career, health or finances?

Perhaps you have experienced repeated failures and difficulties?

It is my feeling that our inner conversations create the conditions in our lives.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you should have goals in mind. For that reason, I invite you to eat mental food for seven days and be aware of any changes that occur during that time. Let me explain what I mean by mental eating, because this is important.

Mental eating means repeating the wrong or limited expression of self-expression.

It involves avoiding bad news and social media. It means avoiding anything that might adversely affect your mental health. For example, if you want to be in a romantic relationship and listen to sad love songs; Stop it! This can affect your unconscious mind and create unwanted truths.

How Mental Diet Helps You Reshape Your Thoughts To Live a Better Life

What I am proposing here is not a new concept, it has actually been taught by New Thought writers such as Neville Goddard, Emmet Fox and Dr. Joseph Murphy. The basis here is ear shows in your conversation with you and creates your reality around. Misconceptions about others are addictive, and we can get caught up in this cycle because you feel good about yourself.

So, if you have an argument with your partner, you can return the conversation and give them a piece of your idea (forgive the pun). You repeat the day of the conversation day by day, only to find that your relationship is not improving; because it’s too bad. This is because we create these conditions; not knowing that our internal conversations are building our reality around.

American New Thought author Neville Goddard wrote: “It’s all a reflection of the psychological dialogue that goes on without us knowing. But as civilized beings, we must know ourselves and act on purpose.” Are you with me so far? Are you willing to accept that what you think can create your reality?

Create Your Truth the Way You Want

Similarly, to put ourselves in harm’s way, we may find ourselves in desperate straits. Is this something you have experienced? I know I have it. I realized that my inner talk was causing the worst of it. It was as if I were physically associating with this person but in my mind, which affected my bad mood.

When I stopped talking to them, my situation changed dramatically. My recommendation for the next seven days, keep a journal or download the tracking app on your mobile phone and track your negative internal conversations.

1. When a bad thought comes up, just say it in your mind, STOP!

2. Thank you for your mind (say: “thank you mind, I’m fine” and return your attention to the present tense).

3. Look at your thoughts by saying: “I can see that I’m getting the idea

4. Write down your thoughts (e.g., Inappropriate, judgment, fear, anxiety). You can also do this with emotions (e.g., this is the case).

Beware of this work because the negative thoughts you repeat for weeks, months or even years will not go away on their own. It requires turning your attention and breaking the cycle of negative thinking. This process is called Cognitive Defusion, which is a CBT practice of clearing the mind from difficult thoughts.

Once you have gone through four steps, it is important to build empowering thoughts to fill its space. So, if you are answering an argument with your partner, go through the steps above and think or review the communication by having a good conversation with them. Feel your way in the interaction and repeat it, so it takes a taste for reality.

The real benefit of this exercise is that it recommends your unconscious mind to attract the truth as you intended it to be.

I invite you to do this work for at least seven days and check if it has become a lifelong habit. If you are interested in learning more about this concept, I encourage you to search online for ‘inside talk’ by Neville Goddard or Emmet Fox.

More, I urge you to read the famous book of motivational psychologist Dr. Shad Helmstetter called What to Say When You Talk to Your Self. I can see that what I recommend here may seem impossible, but with a few simple steps, you can change the way you communicate and influence your life for the better.

Start with seven days and look at your thoughts, then examine the situation at the end of that period. After all, what we think, we bring, and mental nutrition is an effective way to reorganize your thinking and improve your health.

Thus, if you follow the rules and principles of researchers you will find yourself mental g=fit and fine. This is a progressive part of life if you could follow the easy steps.

Never Use These Words to explain Yourself

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