You are no dumber now; follow these steps to be creative

You are no dumber now; follow these steps to be creative

You are no dumber now; follow these steps to be creative: Seriously, nobody is dumber and it’s 100% true. Do you know why because you are not born to be dumber by the way? You are the pearl of your life. If you compare yourself to others they might seem superior to you but seriously you are not useless.

There is a number of people who feel useless, this is why because they don’t have used themselves in the perfect place. Even if used may be in a false way.

I have collected a lot of vital tips which enhance your inner enthusiasm and willpower as well. The innovative creativity will flow like a stream in your life.

Try this!

If you’re not at least a tiny bit imaginative in a modern environment, a robot will probably be doing your work. However, growing up with creative harmonies or novel solutions isn’t always tricky. The inspiration can be difficult to communicate with at others.

You are no dumber now; follow these steps to be creative

This isn’t a motivational checklist to persuade you that you’re a one-of-a-kind and imaginative fruit cake. Rather, this is about when you’re trapped in an imaginative rut and need a boost to get your idea off the ground. So here have been some tips served to help you re-ignite your artistic talents by being extra creative.

Be naturally curious

What are you concentrating on right now? Is it about a customer, or is it about a specific topic? Make any inquiries. Enable yourself to become absorbed in your subject and discover something that interests you, even if it is vague. It should spark your interest. The closer you are to your topic, the more inventive you will be when attempting to work with it. Later you will find yourself in the front part.

Someone Else’s Work

Okay, not yet. Attempting to duplicate somebody else’s outstanding work, on the other hand, is a great way to stretch your imaginative muscles. Not their real work, but their ideas, layout, methodology, or some other conceptual matter. When you try to replicate anything you like, you’re more inclined to refine it and change it to fit your own preferences and personality.

Spend Some Time Alone.

If you’re out in the forest or standing on a skyscraper’s roof, alone time is where imagination thrives. There’s probably a physiological and emotional explanation for this, but I’m not sure what it is. Other persons and digital equipment, I’ve discovered, are not only irritating but also trigger anxiety. Switch off your mobile. Get rid of social media.

Get away from it all emotionally. It’s widely acknowledged that spending more time alone dreaming appears to be more innovative and, actually, more mentally fit. I’m not suggesting you spend a year in your mother’s basement, but a 15-minute walk to unwind shouldn’t be too difficult.


Encourage the release of hormones. Exercise is both a confidence booster and a cognitive stimulant, and meaningless practice is the key to allowing the creative mind to drift. No matter how much you despise this project, dreaming about it is always preferable to struggling through a hard workout wishing for a hamburger. It is beneficial to gain some insight.

Get a Shower

You’re still trembling frustration after all the effort to push ingenuity. You smell like it right now. Okay, maybe not, but the shower is a great place to block out the rest of the world and allow your thoughts to come. And an exciting brain is fertile ground for new innovations.


This is why, instead of plugging well before the exam, you still did much better on examinations when you fell asleep on top of the textbook. Your brain needs sleep, and sleep literally aids in the coordination of your ideas and the release of new concepts. It allows you to see old issues in a different light.

Play some music

Music, or just playing music, will give you peace of mind. It also conjures up memories and emotions. You know those things you’re trying to connect with in order to bring more creativity to your construction process? Those are the ones. Problems, thoughts, and perceptions all contribute to the development of ideas. Allow the music to wash over you and proceed through it.

Choose a rhythm or a pattern

The information and descriptions can often suffocate imagination. Here, the woods are not to be confused with the trees. “Self, what is the overall theme, meaning, or intonation?” ask yourself as you start standing up and breathe deeply. You can discover that getting a big vision to fall back on which has created new imaginative pathways.

Take a glance at the Beautiful Shades

Selecting colors mixing and matching can sometimes bring you up an entirely fresh outlook on your artistic dream. Maybe you have not seen stuff in this way previously. Who knows what’ll happen. Experiment with various color schemes and the Adobe Kuler to see if any new concepts emerge.

You may also look at art or simply search the internet for sites like DeviantArt, Behance, Dribble try sharing a story about a particularly fascinating photograph or arts you’ve come across. Are you unfamiliar with the story? Make something up. That’s part of the fun, after all.

Examine a Variety of Fonts

I’m serious. Enter a paragraph or your mission’s title to see how it appears in different fonts. There are a plethora of online free font websites and servers available, with some even allowing you to write in your own letter. To name a couple, try 1001 Free Fonts, Font Squirrel, or DaFont. Wandering around on all of them and selecting at random makes you picture your idea in that font and maybe you can deliver amazing stuff.

Something should be cleaned

Brainless activities are great for generating ideas, and organization can be relaxing. After all, you don’t want to vacuum when you’re having an artistic breakthrough, do you? It’s best to get started right away.

Make a Trip

It’s a perfect way of clearing the brain to drive around it and play music (or just listening to quietness). It’s also entrancing, and the hypnotherapy makes you shake imaginative ideas around in your brain like a bad tooth with your tongue. Everything is bound to fall at some stage. Simply put, don’t use your cell phones while driving. It’s awkward to other persons.

Demonstrate what you’re doing to someone else

I don’t say step-by-step, but the idea of expressing the innovative dilemma to some other person can be extremely useful when trying to come up with new solutions to an old issue. This is especially useful if you’re trying to explain something to a kid or a stupid friend since you’ll be forced to think of a far more concise way to express your concept.

Even whining about the issue, believe it or not, will help you solve it.

Make a drawing or construct anything

Actually, something regular that requires a high level of focus would give good results. Allowing your brain to become relaxed is the key here. It’s also linked to self-hypnosis in several respects. It allows your thoughts to roam. And the aim of this post is to encourage you to let your thoughts flow.

It’s always beneficial to do something pointless or boring because it helps you to begin speaking to yourself in an imaginative way. This process creates a question for you and generates an answer yourself.

Focus Point

The most difficult aspect of doing something artistic is moving over the anxiety of not being able to begin for fear of causing something that will fail. Don’t be scared to move with a project that has a lot of faults.

You can amend afterward to smooth out the flaws, but getting into the field by the beginning is more critical than worrying about the specifics that might or may not perform themselves out. Unless you’re a specialist yourself.

Okay, now you’re being creative. Stop wasting time reading news articles and get to work on your own! Start from now as per your choice because you are creating now. None can defeat you.

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