Why is tailoring considered the Backbone of the fashion industry?

why is tailoring important in Fashion industry

Why is tailoring considered the Backbone of the fashion industry?: When you squeeze your nose while listening to the word “Tailoring” then you might be wrong which proves you are still in a narrow world.  If this happens I highly recommend you to scale your though and perspectives wide regarding Tailoring. It seems ancient word but its miracle is still luring the planet in several industries.

The greatest use of Tailoring is in Fashion Industry which is often called backbone of the Fashion Industry.

This shocking news I think will motivates you.

“Sushmita Sen’s Miss India winning costume was made from cloth purchased at a flea market and stitched by a local tailor. Sushmita Sen shocked the world when she crowned Miss India in 1994 and went on to become the first Indian to capture Miss Universe the following year.”

Why is tailoring considered the Backbone of the fashion industry?

Because he acquired patents for it in 1844, Elias Howe is widely credited with inventing the sewing machine. However, models had been constructed for a long time before that, with the first working model being made in France in 1830.

Barthelemy is a name given to a person who Thimonnier was the first person to invent the functional sewing machine. People feared that the sewing machine would remove the need for handweavers, resulting in job losses, so Thimonnier’s factory was set on fire and his equipment was demolished. He went to England to avoid further harassment, but he is widely acknowledged as the creator of the first operational sewing machine.

Hence the profession of tailoring increases in boom creating a lot of professionals. It made easier and provides flexibility in top industries like Fashion and apparel.

Why tailoring is oxygen in Fashion Industry

Tailoring is a crucial component of the best fashion course since it focuses on the style or cut of the fabric, which is subsequently made according to the suiting and body dimensions. For ladies who feel as if they never have the correct fit, it may mean a completely new outfit. It is the process of making minor alterations to an article of fabric in order to achieve the best fit possible.

Why Tailoring clothes are best?

Many of us enjoy browsing the e-commerce store and brushing our fingertips against the apparel, but for the greatest results, tailor-made is the superior option. The only actual benefit of buying ready-made clothing is that it is immediate — the garment is ready to wear as soon as you give over your money to the cashier at the register.

Today’s fashion is frequently sold using a numerical sizing system, or the even more ambiguous terms “small,” “medium,” and “large.” However, there are lots of different body forms, far more than any garment manufacturer could possibly accommodate for. As a result, many women are left with garments that are close to fitting but not quite right. Making an item of clothing more practical is one example of tailoring.

Why Tailoring is important in Fashion Design?

The importance of tailoring when pursuing fashion design courses stems from the fact that, in addition to other studies relevant to the field, a Fashion Designer must have some understanding of sewing. That’s because tailoring is a subset of fashion design, but fashion design encompasses a larger and more complex grasp of materials, patterns, and form fitting.

What is the relation of Tailoring to Fashion Design?

Although tailors cannot be equated to fashion designers, nor can a tailoring program be equated to a fashion design program, tailoring is already included in fashion design because of significant themes addressed, such as physical appearance, dimensions, and fit. Apparel, fitting, measurements, and size chart are examples of concepts that are comparable to each other or that bring them all together.

Clothing created to order can be divided into two categories: Bespoke and Made-to-Measure

If you want to give your best in a fashion, there are a few things you can do. The internet, which is full of fashion tailors assuring you why theirs is the one for you, can be scary to a beginner suit user.

So, which road should you take? What exactly do you get for your hard-earned money?

Let’s take a look at some data so you can make an educated decision.

Why tailoring is Important

As the name implies, this is a ready-to-wear suit in a normal size that you can grab off the rack and wear right away. Isn’t that fantastic? In a nutshell, yes and no. The main (and, in some cases, exclusive) benefit of buying ready-made is speed: you can have a suit on the day that you determine you want one.

Tailoring plays a significant role in the realm of fashion design. Although the quality of the cloth is the most important consideration when creating clothing, the value of style cannot be overlooked. In reality, the cut or styling of the garment is given a lot of attention in fashion design.

Aside from that, physical dimensions and fit are crucial. The entire objective of designing the costume will be defeated if the fit is incorrect.

In this essay, we’ll discuss the relevance of tailoring in terms of fashion design.

There are numerous bodily shapes

Outfits are now sold according to a sizing scheme. You can select your desired clothing from three main categories, for example small, medium, and large. On the other side, there are so many different body shapes that we can’t even keep track of them. As a result, many women have little choice but to settle with a close fit. They can’t accomplish their intended look because the fit isn’t perfect. This is where tailoring comes into play.

What is the purpose of tailoring?

The goal of tailoring is to make an item of clothing more useful. As a result, the output is more wearable. It will also provide the finest fit. After all, if the outfit you want to wear doesn’t make you feel good, you won’t want to wear it again. If it does not match you, the same is true.

Patterns, fit, and fabrics

Tailoring is extremely important in fashion design courses. You must be able to sew proficiently in order to work as a fashion designer. Tailoring is, in fact, a subset of fashion design, which is a broader term. Fit, structure, and textiles are all determined on the size. As a result, we cannot simply disregard this component of design.

Other factors are also significant

Fashion designers and tailors are not the same things. A tailoring course and a design school degree, for example, are vastly different. However, if you don’t know anything about tailoring, your fashion design degree will be incomplete. This field will assist you in gaining a better understanding of body forms, fit, and dimensions.

As a result, you must be familiar with all of the critical elements, including trimming, drape, pattern, size table, measurement, fit, and clothes, to name a few.

To cut a long story short, this was a primer on the significance of tailoring. We recommend that you choose the top college if you wish to develop your tailoring skills. This is critical if you want to receive the greatest instruction available. After all, you want to be a high achiever in your chosen industry.

Pros of Tailoring

  • Find a master tailor, and you’ll be certain to achieve a sensationally well-fitting suit
  • Your suit is a one-off and so customizable in any way that your imagination desires
  • Fantastic quality and construction

Note how such a course immediately branded them as simpletons, for the wisest minds of the decade just ended had worked tirelessly to restore the tailor’s rightful place in society by the springtime, claiming that society would not exist without him and his job; but more on this later.

To start with, tailoring is not a strenuous craft that must be performed in sweltering temperatures and in all types of weather. On the contrary, it is a pleasant and simple indoor activity in which the settings can be made very pleasant. Of course, I understand that some people do not enjoy sitting cross-legged all day, but this one will grow used to it quickly, but I hope the others will as well.

why tailoring is important
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I have no doubt that such a transformation will occur, but in the meanwhile, tailors must learn acclimated to working cross-legged, and the sooner this lesson is finished, the better. Next, tailoring satisfies a universal need – at least in developed nations – and is consequently deserving of all respect.

It will soon be discovered that tailoring is very good art; it will give the students something to think about; and as they see gorgeous apparel emerge from their laborers, they will be packed with dignity, and a true love for tailoring will grow in their breasts, which will not reduce as they represent on how this garment is preaching to humankind’s needs and draping the mast.

Cons of Tailoring

  • Too much expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • Once committed, it’s constant

You won’t be able to make loads of money working as a tailor, either. Instead, you will earn less than majority of individuals in the community, which can be quite upsetting, particularly if you work hard but do not see an increase in your income.

As a result, before deciding to become a tailor, make sure that money and luxuries are not priorities for you, as you will most likely be unable to relish either.

You won’t be able to save and invest sufficient savings for future because you won’t be able to generate enough income as a tailor. As a result, once you are no longer working, you may face acute old-age hardship.

Many tailors are likewise digitally illiterate. In fact, as a tailor, you will hardly use a pc or other interactive technology.

As a result, you will not have learned enough in this discipline to truly comprehend digital technologies, and as technological advances represent the future, you may struggle to operate in our future world.

You shouldn’t expecting all of your customers to be pleasant. Some of them will be really difficult and complicated, so be sure you’re ready to cope with these kind of folks before deciding on a tailoring profession.

If you take a work in a huge factory, the noise from the machines may be too much for you. Most manufacturers, on the other hand, follow building regulations to keep the environment healthy and tidy.

To work in this area, you must be quite skillful, but if sewing is your pleasure, you should have no trouble finding work. This could be the career for you if you want to express yourself creatively.

Just like Susmita Sen from India has crowned the title of Miss India and Miss Universe as well, it’s a miracle of Tailoring. Thus simply Tailoring is called the backbone of the fashion industry. If you go on the internet you will find several achievers who have made records in Tailoring if so-called Fashion Industry. As Fashion Industry without Tailoring will be lame.  

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