You may be good reason making your child dumb

These may be good reason to make your child dumb

You may be good reason making your child dumb: Children are those buds who are going to bloom in coming days. They usually show their future by their nature of interest. But this statement may not be true, let us come to the point.

Millions of children are inside this earth’s cabinet. They perform their abilities in front of parents and institutions as well.  Children are like a mud and hence they can be given to any shape. All the parents want to give them a perfect and proper shape but 90 of them fail.

The reason may be, either parental guidance, either lack of kids infrastructures, lack of caring way or lack of interest of children themselves.

However, childhood has shifted indoors during recent years. Today’s children spend a minimum of 44 hours per week at the front of a television and fewer than 10 minutes each day active outside.

Though children are buds as stated earlier, it will be false to blame them. Hence while sharpening their future the main reason is someone else. They may be parenting themselves, their company or their educational institutions as well. To make them sharp and blunt is major reason is external or internal environment.

If your children are sharp parents took the credit themselves and if on opposite of the reasons are pinned to others. But the researchers suggested every parent should not blame to others as some minority negligence occurs from inside the home and some came from the surroundings. It’s a responsibility how a parent will tackle this situations.

Parents may be unknown about this serious matter but they must come to conclude to enrich the child sharpness.

The first school of each student is home and second is rest. Hence it will not be false to blame to the parents. Some parents themselves keep ignoring though they know the truth. This may be due to busy life schedule or something personal. Any how it is strongly recommended parents to cover the whole syllabus of children shaping.  Some are known and some are unknown.

You may be good reason making your child dumb

To make them like a pulsar the below topics should be covered by the parents if not they are slapping themselves.

Don’t be examples

The first thing where children learn is from their parent’s behaviors and body languages.  They learn from the examples hence you may be the good example of them. It is true parent inspire children themselves but there are certain things to be improved by yourselves as your toddlers learn from you.

You are the first example where your children are learning. So don’t be such example before them which kicks your child in the negative direction. Your each and every track is recorded in their eye and brain. Be a perfect example before them.

Work with them

Work with the every task of the children, if they fails encourage them and make them busy with their own work. Tackle their tasks with mannerly. This will boost a positive energy and increases their confident. The made commitment with them must be fulfilled and also don’t forget to make them commit the commitment and let them ask to complete in return.

Ignoring them in physical activities

Physical activities like cycling, indoor exercise, in house gym, swimming, playing games are performed inside the house with rest family members. Children love to get participate with you. Some parents ignore or convince them to do something else. This is major good reason to divert in opposite direction because their curiosity lacks here.

So it will be beneficial to participate with them and encourage them. Your activities must be explained before them.

Don’t forgot to reward

Children try to copy the activities and other general tasks like behavior, body language etc. They will probably lack in their target but they must be rewarded with positive marks.  

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This will be major source of their happiness which clicks positive vibe in their mind. This is good way to play with their psychology. Let them be the winner. Calculate their activities and rack them in highest shelf.

Their good habits must be celebrated

Loads of habits have children some may be annoying to the parents and some provide the comfort. The annoying one should be ignored and reward with positive way and what to do for comfort one you know better now.

If toddlers are found to be guilty of some works let them improve by themselves but remember the major hands will be yours to deliver the good output. Also celebrate their winning. The good habits must be encouraged and bad one chopped by being example of self.

Teach them equality with moral education

To stop being violent your toddlers must be feed with moral education and teach them the lesson of equality. Don’t emphasize them to be a critic. While in out-door journey behave other respectfully. The race, caste, skin color, professions, physical appearance of other should be equally distributed in front of them.

Your body language must be hygienic as stated earlier you are the solo example in front of them. You should show no discrimination among others.

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